Opera Neon Site Icons

Delete Opera Neon site icons

Troy MacNeil

1 minute read

Just a quick note. I’ve been experimenting with Opera Neon and generally liking it apart from the occasional annoyance. One such issue is with image selections for the tag cloud.

Opera Neon Tag Cloud

Usually they select a reasonable image but for many blogs they simply choose the image from the first post which isn’t always ideal. In those cases I’d like to delete or change it but since that option isn’t provided (deleted sites return with the original image) I did a little digging.

File Path

After a little digging I found that the tag cloud sites and icons are stored in an SQLite database at the following path.

~/Library/Application Support/Opera Neon/Default/Page Icons  

SQLite Queries

Since it’s a standard SQLite database it’s pretty easy to use the OSX command line client to modify it. Though be careful, when I vacuumed the DB the browser wouldn’t start so YMMV.

The following snippet lists all sites in the tag cloud with an URL containing ‘coastal’.

select * from page_icons where url like "%coastal%" --case_insensitive  

This one is the same but will delete all entries for a site. Upon revisiting the site a new entry and image is generated.

delete from page_icons where url like "%coastal%" --case_insensitive